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The workshop is intended to offer the possibility to students who have completed the first semester of the second year A(r) master course in English, in number of 3/5, to methodically carry out their thesis in UM.

Students will be followed by a teaching team  of 2/3 teachers of different disciplines according to a project that will concern:

  • the morphological reading of a limited part of Roman historical fabric through the tools of UM;
  • the representation of the fabric and of the redesign studies carried out;
  • the design of an urban interventions concerning the recovery, contemporary architectural design, urban restoration of the area under study.

The workshop will take place in the second semester and will end with the thesis exam in the summer session or in the following one. During the preparation of the thesis, students works will be evaluated by external referees invited by the teaching team  .

The exams will take place , together with  other degree candidates of the master  course in English in other disciplines, possibly through a committee nominated for the purpose of which a foreign teacher may take part, as an invited evaluator.

As theme of the workshop to be activated in the 2018/19 academic year, is proposed the processual preservation and contemporary transformation of the fabric on the route from Ponte Sisto / Piazza Trilussa, through Via del Politeama, via della Renella, Piazza Tavani Arquati, to Viale Trastevere and Piazza Gioacchino Belli. The laboratory teaching team  will be composed of a UM teacher, one of Restauration, one of Representation.

Interested students should send their application to gstrappa@yahoo.com ,   indicating:

name and surname

email address

telephone number

country of origin

exams still  to be taken for their master degree

topic of design exams taken in Sapienza and  other universities