Reading and Designing in the Roman historical fabric

Workshop in Urban Morphology and Design

21th – 30th May, 2019
Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University – Piazza Borghese, 9 – Rome

The workshop intend to offer the opportunity ,to students of Sapienza and Siberian Federal Universities, to methodically carry out an architectural study on the Rome historical fabric . Students will be followed by a teaching team of professors and tutors according to a project concerning:
  • the morphological reading of a limited part of Roman historical fabric through the methods of UM;
  • the representation and redesigning of the urban fabric;
  • the design of a new urban intervention concerning the recovery, contemporary design, urban restoration of the area under study.
As theme of the workshop is proposed the preservation and the processual transformation of the fabric structured by  the route Ponte Sisto / Piazza Trilussa / Via del Politeama / Via della Renella /  Piazza Tavani Arquati /  Viale Trastevere / Piazza Gioacchino Belli. The workshop will end with a presentation of the different works.



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