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COURSE IN URBAN MORPHOLOGY – 2020-21 – Prof. G.Strappa



Master Course Ar 1051714 


Via Gianturco, room G 31, 3.30 – 7.00  pm

prof. Giuseppe Strappa , arch. Anna Rita Donatella Amato, arch. , arch. Francesca De Rosa. arch. Ermelinda Di Chiara, arch. Alessandra Pusceddu,

OPENING  7th OCTOBER  –  3.30 pm

The course aims to teach a method of reading the built landscape through the knowledge of the forming processes common to urban fabrics and buildings. Despite their great variety and complexity, in fact, some common and continuous formative principles can be recognized in such processes. The basic notions of organism and process will be used to read the built landscape. The term “reading” does not indicate the simple and neutral recording of phenomena, but requires the active contribution of the reader, creating a synthesis of the will of the subject and the attitude of the object. The main purpose of the typological study proposed by the course is precisely the identification of the qualitative differences contained in the characters of the built reality, the recognition of the process of their formation and transformation, their internal dialectic of extensive exchanges and integrations.

Teaching Innovation in Urban Morphology


19th February 2020 h: 9.00

Palazzo Mattei di Giove
Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32 – Roma


9.30 Greetings
Anna Maria Giovenale - Faculty of Architecture Dean - Sapienza University
of Roma
9.45 Presentation
Giuseppe Strappa, Epum/Sapienza Partner Coordinator - Sapienza University of Rome
10.00 Interventions
Karl Kropf - Oxford Brookes University
Design as a tool for teaching urban morphology
Malgorzata Hanzl - Lodz University of Technology
The Architecture of the City. Teaching Urban Morphology in Lodz University of Technology, Poland
Teresa Marat-Mendez - Lisbon University Institute
Educate For Sustainability: Urban Form & Ecological Urbanism
Nicola Marzot - Technical University of Delft
The changing role of the architect. Regeneration processes and the teaching of urban morphology
Nadia Charalambous - University of Cyprus
Teaching Urban Morphology through Blended Learning: the EPUM digital platform
12.30 Public Debate