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               APRI LA LOCANDINA  def. corso roma3 2024


8h March – Introduction. Meaning and utility of Urban Morphology for the contemporary architecture.

15h March – Course organization. Presentation of the program. Student registration.

22h March  Territory: notion, forming process and contemporary condition. Classroom work presentation (only for students who intend to deepen the topics of the course with practical exercises – see Exam 1 in the program).

30h March Matter Material: notion, transformation process, contemporary condition

5h April  Substrata and urban fabric: the physical form of the city:  notion, forming process and contemporary condition.

12h April  Field Survey: on base building topics

19h April  . Base building: base elements of the city: notion, forming process and relationship with urban pre-existence.

26h April  Special building: forming process and contemporary examples. Architectural knotting: historic notion and transition to modernity. –

3h Maj  Field Survey on special  building topics

10h Maj  At the roots of architectural composition: the notions of assembly and aggregation in history and in the contemporary condition.

 17h Maj  Roman modern architecture. specific features of modern Roman architecture read from the perspective of urban role and language.

24h Maj  Conclusion. and questions about the examination programme (unclear parts of the lectures, supplementary topics, etc.) Student opinions and suggestions.

31st May  Short pre-examination test (optional) Short recap/summary of the course main topics (for the exam)  



Base texts online

  1. Strappa, L’architettura come processo, Franco Angeli, Milano 2015

The main chapters translated into English can be found on the teacher’s website (http://www.giuseppestrappa.it/) and are indicated below:

.            Notes on base buildinghttp://www.giuseppestrappa.it/?p=8400

.           The aggregation process and the form of the fabric, http://www.giuseppestrappa.it/?p=8380

.           Special nodal building, http://www.giuseppestrappa.it/?p=8159

.           Architectural knotting, http://www.giuseppestrappa.it/?p=8414

.           G. Strappa, Territory as architecture, 2019 – http://www.giuseppestrappa.it/?p=8355

Base text in paper format

  1. Caniggia, G.L. Maffei, Interpreting basic building, Altralinea, Firenze 2017
  2. Scardigno, N , Salamouni, R, Architecture in the making, Conversation with Giuseppe Strappa on urban morphology and design, Springer, Cham, 2024 (In the process of publication)